Arts & Recreation Subsidy

Arts & Recreation Subsidy Policy

Council recognizes that financial assistance to residents will encourage a child's participation in a wide variety of sports, physical recreational activities and arts activities and programs. Council further realizes that the appropriation of funds for program subsidization is a worthwhile endeavour.

1. Only children residing in the Community of Union Road for three (3) months or longer are eligible for the subsidy program.

2. Only those residents who are seventeen (17) years of age or younger will qualify for a subsidy.

3. There is only one (1) approved subsidy to a maximum of $100.00 per child per year. One or more official receipts, including the child's name, totaling $100.00 or more may be used to request the maximum subsidy payment.

4. Programs eligible for subsidy are sports, recreational and arts activities and programs requiring a registration fee (i.e. those sports recognized by Sports PEI, skate boarding, snow boarding, dance and music lessons, Scouts Canada and 4-H etc.).

5. Applications for subsidy during a year that a program was offered (January 1st to December 31st) can be submitted at anytime during the year but no later than December 31st of that year,

6. All applications for subsidy will be processed at the monthly Council meeting as a part of regular business.

7. The Union Road Community Council reserves the right to reject any subsidy application.

8. Applications can be picked up and dropped off at Fern Yeo's (farmhouse) at 793 Union Road. Fern can be reached @ 368-8207.