Emergency/Disaster Planning

Without warning, an emergency or disaster can strike and change a community forever. Council is now embarking on developing a Municipal Emergency Plan for Union Road. As part of that plan, Council has established a Municipal Emergency Measures Planning Committee and has appointed Suzanne Pater to be the Municipal Emergency Measures Co-Ordinator. The Planning Committee also consists of two (2) Council members being Chairperson Fern Yeo and (currently vacant) as well as residents at large of Union Road. The committee is looking for 2 to 3 volunteers. Please contact Suzanne Pater, suzanneepater@gmail.com if you are interested in helping out. The Community of Union Road, York and the Community of North Shore are working collaboratively to create a Mutual Municipal Emergency Plan.

As part of the development of our Municipal Emergency Plan, we would ask for your assistance in completing the attached information sheet. This will help us to identify and compile an inventory of resources that could be utilized in the event of an emergency. We have also included in the information sheet, survey a question asking if you have a loved one or may know of a neighbor who may need special attention during a crisis This information sheet can be returned via e-mail, fax or mail.