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 The Rural Municipality of Union Road lies directly to the north of the City of Charlottetown in Queen's County.  The Union Road bisects the community from north to south and gives
 the community its name.  One of the most striking aspects of the community's location is the close proximity of the Charlottetown Airport which is located just to the south of the
 community's southern boundary.  The Rural Municipality of Union Road was incorporated as a local government in 1977.


 Towards the end of the 18th century, settlers from England and Scotland came to the area just north of the Charlottetown Royalties on the lands adjacent to the Union Road,
  including parts of Lots 33 and 34.  The 1880 Mecham's Atlas depicts a thriving farming community with only a few prominent landmarks, including the Union Road train station
 (at the intersection of the rail line with the Union Road), a post office just to the north of the train station and a small church, the Union Road Bible Chapel located next to the
 Union Road Community Cemetery.

 There are currently no signs of the former train station and the rail line has been abandoned for some time and is now part of the Confederation Trail.  The post office is also
 long gone and the Union Road Church was demolished in 1973.  The only remaining features reflecting Union Road's past are the Union Road Community Cemetery, which
 was located next to the former church, and a number of older farm dwellings.




Dear Residents:

We at the Rural Municipality of Union Road do hope that you are well and staying safe during this very difficult and challenging time as we all navigate through this unprecedented situation. 

Due to the health concerns surrounding the potential for community spread of COVID-19, the regular Council meeting scheduled for Wednesday, May 13, 2020 has been cancelled.   The Brackley Commons remains closed to the public and public gatherings of more than five (5) people (which would include our Council meetings) are prohibited by Order of the Chief Public Health Officer until further notice. 

The Rural Municipality of Union Road is otherwise open for business.  Our CAO can be reached via e-mail at admin@communityofunionroadpei.com or by telephone at (902) 892-5819.     

The Province has now begun the process of easing public health restrictions put in place on March 24, 2020 with respect to the issuance of Development Permits.  Please be advised that Development Permits are once again being issued.    Permit applications may be submitted electronically to either the CAO via e-mail at admin@communityofunionroadpei.com or directly to our Development Officer, Derek French at dfrenchservices@gmail.com.